Hobe Sound Bible College

Mission Statement

The mission of Hobe Sound Bible College is to provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education in the Wesleyan tradition. We are committed to preparing servant-leaders who think Biblically, live Spirit-filled lives, fulfill the great commission, and glorify God in all they do.


1. Seek at all cost to follow the will of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.
2. Are grounded in biblical truth and Christian experience.
3. Possess basic knowledge in the humanities, physical, biological, and social sciences.
4. Understand and use the cardinal Christian principles in the promotion of spiritual, physical, and social growth.
5. Establish and maintain satisfactory inter-personal relationships through verbal, written, and non-verbal communications.
6. Are capable of leading others.
7. Understand and meet spiritual, ethical, legal, and social responsibilities in life.
8. Perform as contributing members of religious, professional, civic, and social groups.
9. Are capable of functioning as Christian workers in the beginning positions of their selected majors.
10. Maintain a careful balance between spiritual and social growth and development and academic achievement.

Department Assessments

Academic – assessment chart which includes institutional goals, student performance, and an improvement plan.

Counseling Department Assessment
Education Department Assessment
General Education Assessment
Intercultural Studies Assessment
Ministerial Department Assessment
Music Department Assessment
TESOL Department Assessment
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Institutional Effectiveness – evaluates the administration’s involvement in students’ performance and achievements resulting in optimal results

Financial Aid
Business Office
Student Life
Campus Operations
Institutional Advancement
Public Relations

Student Outcomes

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Employment Rates
Enrollment – Fall 2020
Graduation/Retention Rates